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Welcome to Gulluna's handmade soaps! Are you looking for a handmade soap that does wonders to your skin? You are at the right place. Our soaps are made from the scratch with natural oils and butters that are gentle to the skin. We use coconut milk, goat milk and camel milk to make your skin fall in love with our natural handmade soaps!

We offer a wide range of soaps suitable for all skin types.

Our body soap scrubs are a MUST try! These Scrubs will help exfoliate your skin by removing dirt, oil, dead skin, scars and help reveal a healthier skin.


-Why choose handmade soaps by GULLUNA? Unlike regular commercial soaps, our handmade  soaps are made with skin-loving oils that do not irritate the skin nor strip away the moisture level of the skin. They do not contain harsh ingredients such as chemical detergents, soap hardeners, and synthetic lathering agents used in store bought soaps which may cause dryness, inflammation and breakouts.


Our soaps are free of sulfates which makes them milder than regular soaps.

*sulfates are foaming agents used in laundry detergents and dishwashing liquids to enhance lather.


Can you imagine putting that on your skin?


Never compromise on quality products when it comes to your skin.

"GULLUNA" is a Pushto word which means Flowers in english. Flowers are admired for their natural colour, texture, beauty and fragrance. They are delicate and provide a feel of comfort and joy and that is the feeling we want you to experience with our handmade soaps.


Try them and feel the difference!

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